Cloudflare FAQ

Cloudflare FAQ

Cache Issues

A dynamic part of my site isn’t updating after user interaction, or changes I have implemented in site development are not yet visible!
The cause of such issues is very likely to be that the site is cached on the Cloudflare edge, or even your browser, and you are seeing the cached version.

Possible Solutions:

Solving caching problems can be done in more than one way, so choose the one that fits you the best.

  1. Avoidance - Let us know which paths and parts of the site are prone to change frequently, so we can permanently configure them to not be cached - until you tell us otherwise.

  2. Site is developing, but not so frequently? - You can receive an API command from us to use to purge the cache for the zone/domain you are managing or developing. (To be used in Linux/Mac terminal, on Windows please install and use WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) You can get your zone ID from us, or if you are an admin on the Cloudflare dashboard, by looking in the overview of the domain on the Cloudflare dashboard.If you have access and admin

  3. privileges on the Cloudflare dashboard, you can perform a “purge everything” in Caching > Configuration > Purge Everything.

Remember that the goal is to try and cache whatever possible for faster and more efficient loading times - while optimizing it to avoid any issues.